Ruby on Rails Tutorial 7.2.2: rspec failed: 'create' action was not found for UsersController


The rspec test fails when trying to click_button "Create my account" saying "The action 'create' could not be found for UsersController.

I'm assuming that this is a RESTful problem where it's defaulting to POST instead of GET (or something like that). Why oh why else would it be trying to call 'create' instead of 'new'? In the next section - 7.3 - a 'create' action is defined but the tutorial says that tests should be passing by the end of 7.2.2.

On the other hand, I could simply be missing something. That's why I'm not writing to admin at the tutorial site.

I'd post my code but I've verified that it's the same as the tutorial's examples:

No, you are not missing anything. It seems you are catching a slight doco error.

Indeed, Hartl says so right in the beginning of 7.3.1 "Our first step is to eliminate the error that currently results when submitting the signup form, as you can verify in your browser or * by running the test for signup with invalid information *" (my emphasis).

Still, I'd like him to clear this up as well, there seems to be just a little more to this. I also happen to be not catching any regex errors for poorly formed email addresses.