Routing does not work as expected in CodeIgniter

advertisements should redirect to the home page. Hence i wrote this in routes.php

$route['(\w{2})/(auto|moto)/(.*)'] = '$3';
$route['(\w{2})/(auto|moto)'] = $route['default_controller'];

which works pretty good. Also, routes to Mercatino controller, which is perfect.

No, i want this to route to this function inside Mercatino controller

public function prodotto($category, $id, $title){


hence, i wrote this line in routes.php

$route['(mercatino|market){1}/(:any)/(:num)/(:any)'] = "mercatino/prodotto/$2/$3/$4";

But i get 404 Error. Any idea how to fix this?

$route['(mercatino|market){1}/(:any)/(:num)/(:any)'] = "mercatino/prodotto/$2/$3/$4";

How many directories are in "mercatino/prodotto/$2/$3/$4" ? By default codeigniter I think doesn't go into directory more than level 2.

What I mean is, when codeigniter look for files it assume that there can be only one more directory inside controller. So, if you have controllers/d1/file.php you are fine but if you have controllers/d1/d2/file.php it won't work with default behaviour of CI.

To make it work you will probably have to override the Router class and fetch_directory function or _validate_request function may be.