Remove the item from the list using linq


How to remove item from list using linq ?.

I have a list of items and each item it self having a list of other items now I want to chaeck if other items contains any items of passed list so main item should be remove. Please check code for more clarity.

public Class BaseItems
    public int ID { get; set; }
    public List<IAppointment> Appointmerts { get; set; }

Public DeleteApp(List<IAppointment> appointmentsToCheck)
   List<BaseItems> _lstBase ; // is having list of appointments

   //now I want to remove all items from _lstBase  which _lstBase.Appointmerts contains
   any item of appointmentsToCheck (appointmentsToCheck item and BaseItems.Appointmerts
   item is having a same reference)

   //_lstBase.RemoveAll(a => a.Appointmerts.Contains( //any item from appointmentsToCheck));


    .RemoveAll(a => a.Appointmerts.Any(item => appointmentsToCheck.Contains(item)));