reference problem in python


Why is the assignment operator is not making a copy of the rvalue but a reference to that(on a list), and you have to use slices in order to make a real copy which creates an independent object so that changes on one does not affect the other. Is this related to some specific usage related the language that I missed until now?

Edit: what I understod is that in C++

int a = 1;
int b = a;
b = 2;    // does not affect a

so I also thought that would be the same reasoning since Python is developed in C and it takes care of it with pointers most probably. With some simple code:

int a = 1;
/*int b = a;*/
int &b = a; /* what python does as I understood, if so why it does that this way?*/

is that more clear?

What I asked was more a comparison question on which I should be more clear, I agree ;-)

I recently posted an answer that discusses exactly this issue.