Randomly select the item from the list of lists for ValueError


I have a function that sometimes gives me a list of lists where the nested lists sometimes only have one item, such as this one:

a = [['1'], ['3'], ['w']]

And want to randomly select one item from that main list a. If I try to use np.random.choice on this list, I get a ValueError: a must be 1-dimensional.

But if the list were instead:

b = [['1'], ['3'], ['w', 'w']]

Then using np.random.choice works perfectly fine. Why is this? And how can I make it so that I can randomly select from both types of lists?

I think choice is first turning your list into an array.

In the second case, this array is a 1d array with dtype object:

In [125]: np.array([['1'], ['3'], ['w', 'w']])
Out[125]: array([['1'], ['3'], ['w', 'w']], dtype=object)
In [126]: _.shape
Out[126]: (3,)

In the second, it makes a 2d array of strings:

In [127]: np.array([['1'], ['3'], ['w']])
In [128]: _.shape
Out[128]: (3, 1)

This is an issue that comes up periodically. np.array tries to create as a high a dimensional array as the input allows.

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