Rails Change the user path does not work


I have made a rails project with authentication being devise. I am having an issue though with getting to the edit users page.

What happens is when I manually go to /users/1/edit I can see the edit page. Though I cannot seem to figure out the route to put in my code. When I look at the routes it looks like all I have to do is edit_user_path. Though this brings me to /user/1/edit. Which is incorrect and does not work. I have tried to do edit_users_path which just fails.

This is my routes file

devise_for :users
resources :users, :only => [:show, :edit, :update ]
resources :users, :controller => "users"

Any help would be appreciated

I think you have missed passing user object or id with the path, use this instead


where user is the object. You can also pass object