Query for multiple columns with multiple values ​​but in the different table with the same column


I know the title does not understand anything. But I would not know how to define it better.

I will explain more my problem.

I have 2 tables. A which in its interior has the following values:

Name table: battle

 res1 res2 winner
    225 552 552

In the second table I have:

Name table: fighters

ID  name
225 example 1
552 example 2

ID and res 1 res2 winner it is the same things.

How should I structure the table in such a way as to show, instead of the ID, the names?

Normally I always used the inner join, but I did not ever find myself more values to the same string.

Thanks for the reply.

You need to have three aliases of table fighters for the desired output. Please see below query:

Select f1.name as Fighter-1,
       f2.name as Fighter-2,
       f3.name as Winner
       battel b,
       fighters f1,
       fighters f2,
       fighters f3
       b.res1 = f1.id AND
       b.res2 = f2.id AND
       b.winner = f3.id AND
       (f1.id = 225 OR f2.id=225)

Hope this helps!