QA. Excluding tests


I'm setting up continous integration. I've decided to implement opportunity to exclude tests from run. I see 3 ways to make it:

  1. Special comment in test's source
  2. Central exclude list
  3. Exclude list in ticket's description in a trac

Could you please share your experince and indicate how to apply true decision. Thanks!

I would not recommend using comments in the test source. Assuming your tests are under version control, they should not change whenever you change a configuration setting like this.

It's hard to give a good recommendation without knowing your build system, but if there is something like a global "environment config" for your QA system I would recommend putting it there. If you're able to specify the tests to run in a trac ticket and then automate running the correct tests that would be awesom - I have never tried that so would not know if this is possible.