Python unpacking for loop


I'm using Python 2.7 and I just have a simple question in my code i have

from sys import argv
script, first, second, third = [argv, "bike","car","lemon"]

I know i can just say




and it will print on a line but is there a way to print this in a for loop where it would each of the values i know the logic would be something like

for x,y in ?:

Since this argument with the values isn't named i don't know what to put for in my question mark.

You could simply create a tuple/list of objects iterate over it and print the current element.

for element in (script, first, second, third):
    print element

>>> obj1

However if you want to print all the objects in same line then you may use a , comma after the print statement:

for element in (script, first, second, third):
    print element, 

>>> obj1 obj2 ...