Python & mdash; How to run the command prompt and get the output of it?


I am a newbie of Python and I would like to write a Python program that can execute some command in the cmd and get the output from it automatically.

Is it possible? How can I do this?

Thanks in advanced!

You will want to use subprocess.Popen:

>>> import subprocess
>>> r = subprocess.Popen(['ls', '-l']) #List files on a linux system. Equivalent of dir on windows.
>>> output, errs = r.communicate()
>>> print(output)
Total 72
# My file list here

The Popen-construtor accepts a list of arguments as the first parameter. The list starts with the command (in this case ls) and the rest of the values are switches and other parameters to the command. The above example is written as ls -l on the terminal (or command line, or console). A windows equivalent would be

>>> r = subprocess.Popen(['dir', '/A'])