Python: How to create a list with pairs of keys and values ​​from a dictionary


How do I create a list with two indexes: The key and the appendant value of a dictionary. The key and the value should be random chosen out of the dictionary. I've already tried it with (these are my Latin words):

d = {}
d['house'] = "domus, domus"
da1 = d.items()
da = random.sample(wa1,1)
print (da)

When I do it like that, I get a list with only one index: The key AND the value. But I need a list with two indexes for being able to do:

dav = da[0]
dal = da[1]

def solution():
    dal = da[1]

def continue():
    dav = da[0]

lbl = Label(window,text=dav)

btnl = Button(window,text="Show solution",command=solution)

btnw = Button(window,text="Continue",command=continue)

Is there anyone who can help me?

You are getting back a list which contains a tuple, which itself has two elements. For example:

da == [('house', 'domus, domus')]

You can index into that by using two indices:

>>> da[0][0]
>>> da[0][1]
'domus, domus'

If you want to make da into a list with two elements, you can do:

da = [x for x in da[0]]

Alternatively, you can just issue

da = random.sample(d.items(),1)[0]

to get a tuple with two elements

('house', 'domus, domus')

which you can make into a list with list(da) if that's required.