Python: Count how many times a word appears in a file


I have a file that contains a city name and then a state name per line in the file. I am suppose to count how many times a state name occurs and return the value.

for example, if my file contained:

Los Angeles   California
San Diego     California
San Francisco California
Albany        New York
Buffalo       New York
Orlando       Florida

I am suppose to return how many times each state name occurs. I have this for California.

for line in f:
    if California_count!=-1:

This only gives me the value 1, which I am assuming is because it occurs 1 time per line. How do I get it to return the number 3 instead of the number 1?

total = 0

with open('input.txt') as f:
    for line in f:
        finded = line.find('California')
        if finded != -1 and finded != 0:
            total += 1

print total