Push the eclipse project to GitHub with EGit


I am successfully pushing my project to GitHub using EGit. My repository is called HelloWorld. My project in eclipse is also called HelloWorld. My problem is when i push the project it is upload the project under the folder HelloWorld. So the result is the repository HelloWorld then the folder HelloWorld and the the src folder. To be more understandable here is the link of the project. I want under the repository HelloWorld to have the src folder. How can I achieve that?

The key lies in when you create the project in eclipse.

First step, you create the Java project in eclipse. Right click on the project and choose Team > Share>Git.

In the Configure Git Repository dialog, ensure that you select the option to create the Repository in the parent folder of the project..

Then you can push to github.

N.B: Eclipse will give you a warning about putting git repositories in your workspace. So when you create your project, set your project directory outside the default workspace.