Publishing a Web application to the Azure Web sites The deployment location for the step fails with the Web service


I just created a new deployment slot for my app, imported the publishing profile to Visual Studio, but after deployment I get this error message:

Error 8: An error occurred while creating the WebJob schedule: No website could be found which matches the WebSiteName [myapp__staging] and WebSiteUrl [] supplied.

I have 2 webjobs, a continuous and a scheduled webjob.

I already signed in to the correct Azure account, as stated by this answer.

Will I need to set something else up in order to deploy my app to a staging Deployment Slot with webjobs?

My app is using ASP.NET, if it makes a difference?


As David suggested, you can/should migrate to the new CRON support. Here's an example. The WebJob will be deployed as a continuous WebJob.

Keep in mind that in order to use this you need to install the WebJobs package and extensions that are currently a prerelease. You can get them on Nuget.

Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs -Pre Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions -Pre

Also, as David suggested if you're not using the WebJobs SDK, you can also run this using a settings.job file. He provided an example here.


static void Main()
    //Set up DI (In case you're using an IOC container)
    var module = new CustomModule();
    var kernel = new StandardKernel(module);

    //Configure JobHost
    var storageConnectionString = "your_connection_string";
    var config = new JobHostConfiguration(storageConnectionString) { JobActivator = new JobActivator(kernel) };
    config.UseTimers(); //Use this to use the CRON expression.

    //Pass configuration to JobJost
    var host = new JobHost(config);
    // The following code ensures that the WebJob will be running continuously


public class Functions
    public void YourMethodName([TimerTrigger("00:05:00")] TimerInfo timerInfo, TextWriter log)
        //This Job runs every 5 minutes.
        //Do work here.

You can change the schedule in the TimerTrigger attribute.

UPDATE Added the webjob-publish-settings.json file

Here's an example of the webjob-publiss-settings.json

  "$schema": "",
  "webJobName": "YourWebJobName",
  "startTime": null,
  "endTime": null,
  "jobRecurrenceFrequency": null,
  "interval": null,
  "runMode": "Continuous"