Projects for learning Python


I know this isn't a question about a specific snippet of code or anything, but here goes -

I've been messing around with the idea of learning Python since I'm pretty bored with PHP (and web development in general), but I can't think of any projects to help me learn. I've already worked through some of Project Euler with Python, but it's getting old. I know the basics, and I want to write something more fun that will introduce me to new things in Python.

Is there a cliche beginner project for Python? (for example, PHP's would be a blog or something similiar)

Are there any common Python projects for newcomers, or any uncommon ones that you'd suggest?

Any ideas would help.

Pick something that you think is interesting, and program it in python.

If you want to step out of web development for a bit, you could try writing up a simple game with pygame.