Project idea in Python or C #


So far I was familiar with c and c++ only, and I have programmed in these languages only. I have some experience working on some projects in c or c++.

Some good projects or applications I've made till now:

Duplicate file finder and remover

Process monitor on Linux

Basic http proxy server

I have made one small flex application also.

I have to work on some Project. So I am thinking of what to do or what application to work on?

Now I want to do a project in C# or Python languages so that I can learn these languages also along with my Project.

I have a lot of time(approx. 10 months) to work on anything and learn things.

I thought maybe some nice people out there can give me some nice ideas or suggestions. (By the way some c c++ idea can also work for me).




Ok I forgot to mention that this project I need to develop as My B.Tech final year Project, Thats why I am looking for some good and different idea, else I could have tried with anything out there. I am helping myself with making doing some simpler things for now to learn python, not yet started with C# but really want to do that too.


Following links might help

Project Ideas for course