Problems with Xcode 7.2.1


just install the new version of Xcode (7.2.1), he took a little longer than expected.

But when it finished and run the xcode continues with version 7.1.1

I thought it would be solved by restarting the Mac, but no.

Any idea what can be spent? or happened to me to be done?


My MAC version.

My xcode options

My applications

I had exactly the same problem. I installed 4GB large 7.2.1 version of Xcode from the AppStore over an existing 7.2 version, and whichever way I was launching Xcode it was always the same old 7.2 popping up. What was worse I could not download 7.2.1 again, as AppStore app was not showing Install button anymore, but rather Launch button instead (like it was installed).

Finally I found a solution. I went to Downloads for Apple Developers site (a login to a developer account was required), I dowloaded Xcode_7.2.1.dmg 4.7GB large from there, launched an installation... which successfully replaced the older 7.2 version of Xcode.