problem with the responsive website and the height


When you open my website its responsive (not done). when resizing from the width everything is working right. but when starting to move the height everything starts looking wrong. its becouse ive set height 100% on the divs.

When looking on a mobile you see the adressbar on the top. Lets say it is 10% in height my website height will be 90%. But when i scroll down and the bar dissapears the height auto adjusts. Is there a fix?

Im not very goos at this yet. Can you please help me?

I guess you have to change some structural stuff. You are having problem with your float elements (texts inside each section) and also with height=100% elements (remove float properties and height=100% of every element and you'll see that you won't have the issue when you resize the viewport's height). I suggest you to rethink the way you make the structure of your website. Height=100% elements are a bit tricky. Try to learn what is the natural behavior of a float element so that you'll understand why are you having this issue. I hope it help you.