Problem with adding an Android platform to NetBeans 6.9


I've been using Netbeans 6.9 quite happily with Android for a few months but I completely wiped my SDK yesterday and now, after reinstalling it, I can't get Netbeans to create the Android platform. I can select the platform okay but once I press FINISH nothing ever appears in Netbeans. I've even re-installed Netbeans but no joy.

Could someone post the contents of their platform XML file for Android? I'm thinking I can just enter this file manually and have Netbeans pick it up.

Any other ideas greatly appreciated!

I had the same problem with netbeans 6.9.1, mine was related with some incompatibility between 32bit and 64bit java.

I have Win7 x64 and also had java x64. removed x64 java and installed x86 java without reinstalling netbeans probaly caused the problem This solved it for me.

  • uninstall netbeans
  • uninstall all java jre and jdk's

  • reinstall 32bit java

  • reinstall netbeans
  • reinstall nbandroid