Print an end HTML table on multiple columns


I have a simple 2-column table that has A LOT of rows:

<tr><td>row 1 column1</td><td>row 1 column2</td></tr>
<tr><td>row 2 column1</td><td>row 2 column2</td></tr>
[500 more rows]
<tr><td>row 4999 column1</td><td>row 4999 column2</td></tr>
<tr><td>row 5000 column1</td><td>row 5000 column2</td></tr>

The columns are very thin, which means I can fit about 4 columns per page. (two table widths)

Is it possible to continue the table in another column on the same page, like the following:

(The next page would start with row 93)

You can change the font size and the widths. You can also change the layout of the paper when printing, or if your printer is capable, use front and back sides of the paper.