Prevent me from resetting css to make noise with dynamic content


I implement the Eric Meyer's reset.css in my website, and works great, but it was a little problem. As this a CMS users are free to format the content of their articles as they want and the reset CSS resets the formatting of their text.

Any ideas how we can prevent reset.css inheritance to propagate to the dynamic content?

All you input is more than welcome.

It will always propagate (that's kind of the point of reset.css :)), but if you're not already doing so, you should of course make sure that reset.css is the first stylesheet linked in your pages - any custom styles will then override the reset styles.

If the problem is that the styles are "too reset" and you'd like a more sensible set of defaults (e.g. weighted font sizes, margins, line-height etc.) for your dynamic content you could create your own baseline CSS styles and apply them only to the dynamic content area using an ID selector for example.