Poor performance with the Android plugin for Eclipse


When dimensions of a project start being considerable the plugin of Android for Eclipse starts not working properly and also very slow, when it comes to XML modifications, refractoring the code from the XML files becomes tedious. Also sometimes it doesnt recognize strings resources. And I have to clean the project(which sometimes is like the solution for windows of restart the computer...)

Do you know about solutions to improve this behaviour? As I think it will be really helpful.

There are two things impacting eclipse's performance: I/O and memory....

I/O: Buy Good SSD disk. Full stop.


There are few ways to improve performance:

1) include the following lines in eclipse.ini (with at least these values):


(that is if you have enough memory)

2) Use 32-bit eclipse on 64-bit system That might be surprising, and it is only valid if you have not very big amount of memory (few gigs). 32-bit eclipse take about 50-60% of memory comparing to 64-bit one - the thing is that in 64-bit java every object/field etc. take 2x much memory as in 32-bit java. Until java supports (so far experimental) compressed references taking less space, it might well be that memory limits will be hit with 64-bit version where 320bit should work just fine.