Place the JDBC driver to work with the Java class In a Webapp


Im trying to set up the JDBC driver to work with a Webapp. I did manage to make it work with my java class but it must be aside from the webapp. In a single project apart while compiling in Netbeans. I've to make it work with a webpp using Tomcat. Im in the part of validating user login info using the data stored in the Database. I send the user info to the server side (Java class) to validate as I'm in favor of not using scriplets in the JSPs so I dont want to re-code the same functions I have in my Java class. Where do I put the driver so that it can be used in the Java class in webapp? I tried in Tomcat/lib and Tomcat/common/lib. Im using LINUX Ubuntu.

In your webapp under WEB-INF/lib