Piping operator in java 7


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I saw recently in a code example the following:

f.setExtendedState( f.getExtendedState()|JFrame.MAXIMIZED_BOTH );

where f is a JFrame. How is this pipe operator called, what does it do and where can I find documentation about it?

Thank you H├ęctor

The | operator is the bitwise-or operator in Java.

The result of a bitwise-or is a value with bits set in it if the corresponding bit was set in either of the operands (or both).

Here, this operation uses the value of JFrame.MAXIMIZED_BOTH (in binary, 0000 0110) to ensure that the second to last and third to last bits are turned on, one for horizontal and one for vertical. This leaves all other bits from f.getExtendedState() intact.