PHPExcel - best practices for own files


I am currently transforming an existing project from the deprecated (and old) Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer to PHPExcel and I am wodering how to best utilize it.

I read the docuemtation and the examples so I am aware of the structure of PHPExcel.

In the current project we used to create classes that extended the Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer class like this:

class mySpreadsheet extends Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer{
   private $some_variable;
   private $andanother;

   function __construct(){
   //Init goes here

All the examples I've seen use a procedural usage to generate the content. In general I do not have a problem in using procedural coding in PHP, but I prefer an object oriented approch to keep the code more readable and compact.

Any experiences? Advantages/Disadvantages? Cavenuts I missed out upon?

Recently I've written code for exporting yet simple reports by PHPExcel. It's an abstract class with abstract methods which refer for styles and data formatting. Different reports utilize extended classes from that abstract one. They consist only implementation for abstract methods. In future we may have to customize reports by users wishes. It will be easy to do with such structure. I avoided extending PHPExcel's classes and ready for PHPExcel 2.0 to come.