PHP Mail Error - Unable to send a message to the SMTP server. No recipient is specified. Ite. ready. in


I am trying to using a simple php email

This is working in my production server. But this is not working in my development server. I am not able to find what server configuration is missing

i am getting the error

Unable to send message to SMTP server. No recipients specified. ite. ready. in  "filepath" on line 17

What is this ite?

$toemail="[email protected]";
 $subject="subject line" ;
  $content="conetent message";
$frmemail = "From:[email protected]" ;
    mail( $toemail,$subject,$content,$frmemail ) ;

Can anyone suggest what configuration or php ini setting am missing

dev i access on a port .

i saw the exact same error here

but what can be the some security settings blocking sending email from a different domain??


SMTP  localhost
smtp_port  25
sendmail_from  no value

The fourth parameter - additional headers - is optional. If is not set the sendmail_from option from php.ini will be used. If you have access to the php.ini file, try to set the option to [email protected] and remove the 4th argument from mail() function.