PHP 'file_get_contents' does not work from server


I have a website (PHP) hosted in Yahoo small business and application (Java) Hosted in Rackspace.

I am making a file_get_contents from website to application. which works fine in my local. but when i try the same after deploying it in server does not work.

Here i am making arequest which sends list of training in JSON format.

PHP part

  $trainingArrayJson = file_get_contents('');
 $trainingArray =  json_decode($trainingArrayJson);

this is not working.

if i do

   $trainingArrayJson = file_get_contents('http://localhost:8080/publicTraining/getTrainingsAsJson/');
 $trainingArray =  json_decode($trainingArrayJson);

this works fine.

You need to allow


in your php.ini config file. Some hosts disallow it for security.