PHP-CURL enabled but still does not work


I am using joomla and using WAMP as my server and I am trying to add a twitter feed to my website but I get this error message

*"Your PHP doesn't have cURL extension enabled. Please contact your host and ask them to enable it."

I then go to my PHP extensions and enable curl and i still get the same message. I even went into the php.ini file and edited it in there but still no change. Any advice on this issue would be really appreciated. Thank you

WAMPServer has more than one php.ini file. One for the configuration to use with Apache and one to use with the configuration of PHP CLI ( Command line Interface )

You could use the easy method :

Use the wampmanager menus ( thats the icon that sits in the system tray ).

ledt click wampmanager icon -> PHP -> PHP Extensions

This will give you a menu containing all the extensions, make sure that php_curl has a tick mark beside it. If it does not then click that line in the menu and it will activate that extension. Give it a few seconds to process as it autonatically restarts Apache because that is necessary to activate a new extension.

Really could not be simpler.

Or you could edit the php.ini manually again using the wampmanager menus;

left click wampmanager -> PHP -> php.ini

This will launch notepad on the correct php.ini which is actually C:\wamp\bin\apache\apachex.y.z\bin\php.ini.

Maually remove the ; (semi colon) beside the php_curl extension, save the file, and then restart Apache.