Phonegap - Can not enter a text box in an iframe.


I have a Phonegap app that is simple iframe serving a web site within it. Have a very strange issue - there's a certain input field (in this case, a textarea) that you can type in.. until you touch a second time on that textarea. Then, you're unable to type in it again (even thought you should technically still have focus) until you touch somewhere else, then come back to the textarea.

This only seems to happen with this one textarea.

I thought this was an issue specific to the app - until a completely different app (again, phonegap iframe serving a website) had the same issue. In this second instance, it was a plain text input, not a textarea.

Has anyone come across this before? Know what could be causing this issue?

We don't have -webkit-user-select: none; anywhere in our CSS - this seems to be a common related issue.

So, it looks like it was an issue related to using an iFrame. I just tried using inAppBrowser ( instead of an iframe, and it worked like a charm. Also, it seems that performance is a little better!