PhoneGap Build Service & ldquo; Build HTML5, CSS, JavaScript & rdquo; claim


The PhoneGap build service says you can build an app in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. However, The phonegap.js is not available for each device (latest download PhoneGap 1.8.1 does not have one for Bada or iOS). So I think the build service is meant to save us from creating the shells for each environment, but I fail to see how the PhoneGap API is supposed to work.

I thought the idea too was that you could build one code base for each environment. I know there are quirks, but why is there a separate phonegap.js file for Android, WebOS, etc.?

The lack of documentation has me confused.

In my experience, there are separate files for each but when using phonegap build if you want to include a universal file for the build there is a way, put <script src="phonegap.js"></script> in your index.html file and don't include any js files, you actually don't even need the phonegap.js file, when I did this and ran it through phonegap build it attached the appropriate .js file to the appropriate build and I suddenly could use the phonegap API's for all the builds I was testing