Persistent child objects when the parent is incomplete in a Web application


I am trying to establish the best practice for handling the creation of child objects when the parent object is incomplete or doesn't yet exist in a web application. I want to handle this in a stateless way so in memory objects are out.

For example, say we have a bug tracking application.

A Bug has a title and a description (both required) and any number of attachments. So the "Bug" is the parent object with a list of "Attachment" children.

So you present a page with a title input, a description input, and a file input to add an attachment. People then add the attachments but we haven't created the Parent Bug as yet.

How do you handle persisting the added attachments ?

Obviously we have to keep track of the attachments added, but at this point we haven't persisted the parent "Bug" object to attach the "Attachment" to.

Create the incomplete bug and define a process for handling incompleteness. (Wait X minutes/hours/days, then delete it/email someone/accept it as it is.) Even without a title or description, knowing that a problem occurred and the information in the attachment is potentially useful. The attachment may include a full description, but the user just put it somewhere other than you'd attended. Or it may only contain scattered data points which are meaningless on their own - but could corroborate another user's report.