Pass the JSON object to the Web method


I wanted to shared something I learned today with you all. My question was:

Can you pass a JSON object from JavaScript code to a .NET Page Method? For example:

  var task = {
    Title: $("#titlenew input", $(newTaskRow)).val(),
    StartDate: $("#startnew input", $(newTaskRow)).val(),
    EndDate: $("#endnew input", $(newTaskRow)).val(),
    EstimatedHours: $("#esthrsnew input", $(newTaskRow)).val(),
    PredecessorsOutlineNumbers: $("#depnew input", $(newTaskRow)).val(),
    OutlineNumber: $("#ordernew", $(newTaskRow)).text()
  PageMethods.AddTask(task, saveNewTaskCompleted, saveNewTaskFailed);

And if you can, what type of .NET object should my web method accept?

I found out that yes, you can pass a JSON object to a Page Method, and it comes across as a Dictionary(Of String, String). So my web method signature looks like this:

<System.Web.Services.WebMethod()> _
Public Shared Sub AddTask(ByVal taskJson As Dictionary(Of String, String))

  Dim oTask As New Task()
  oTask.Title = taskJson("Title")
  ' all other accesses to the JSON object here

End Sub

Checkout this article:

Decorate your WebMethod with [GenerateScriptType(typeof(Task))] then in client side you will be able to create task. then pass it as regular object to your server side method.