Partial Search Does Not Work on Elasticsearch + Haystack Despite the Use of Ngram and Edgengram for the Construction Index


I am building the indexes like :

class BookIndex(indexes.SearchIndex,indexes.Indexable):

text= indexes.EdgeNgramField(document=True,use_template=True)
content_auto = indexes.EdgeNgramField(model_attr='title')
isbn_13 = indexes.CharField(model_attr='isbn_13')
validate = indexes.IntegerField(model_attr='validate')
price = indexes.IntegerField(model_attr='price')
authors = indexes.EdgeNgramField()
reviews = indexes.CharField()
publishers = indexes.EdgeNgramField()
institutes = indexes.EdgeNgramField()
sellers = indexes.CharField()
category = indexes.CharField()
sub_category = indexes.CharField()

I even tried using Ngram but partial search is not working.

I am querying it like SearchQuerySet().all().filter(content=query) I also tried SearchQuerySet().filter(content__contains=query) even then it is not showing results for partial match.

Can someone please help me out?

Haystack is not very good with ElasticSearch, you cannot use proper indexing values so you have to provide custom ElasticSearchBackEnd to enable it:

#in a file
from django.conf import settings
from haystack.backends.elasticsearch_backend import (
from haystack.fields import EdgeNgramField as BaseEdgeNgramField, NgramField as BaseNgramField
from haystack.indexes import CharField

#just an example of which degree of configuration could be possible
    'completion': {
        'type': 'completion',
        'payloads': True,
        'analyzer': 'suggest_analyzer',
        'preserve_separators': True,
        'preserve_position_increments': False

# Custom Backend
class CustomElasticBackend(ElasticsearchSearchBackend):


    def __init__(self, connection_alias, **connection_options):
        super(CustomElasticBackend, self).__init__(
                                connection_alias, **connection_options)
        user_settings = getattr(settings, 'ELASTICSEARCH_INDEX_SETTINGS', None)
        self.DEFAULT_ANALYZER = getattr(settings, 'ELASTICSEARCH_DEFAULT_ANALYZER', "snowball")
        if user_settings:
            setattr(self, 'DEFAULT_SETTINGS', user_settings)

    def build_schema(self, fields):
        content_field_name, mapping = super(CustomElasticBackend,

        for field_name, field_class in fields.items():
            field_mapping = mapping[field_class.index_fieldname]

            index_analyzer = getattr(field_class, 'index_analyzer', None)
            search_analyzer = getattr(field_class, 'search_analyzer', None)
            field_analyzer = getattr(field_class, 'analyzer', self.DEFAULT_ANALYZER)

            if field_mapping['type'] == 'string' and field_class.indexed:
                field_mapping["term_vector"] = "with_positions_offsets"
                if not hasattr(field_class, 'facet_for') and not field_class.field_type in('ngram', 'edge_ngram'):
                    field_mapping['analyzer'] = field_analyzer

            if field_class.field_type in CUSTOM_FIELD_TYPE:
                field_mapping = CUSTOM_FIELD_TYPE.get(field_class.field_type).copy()

            if index_analyzer and search_analyzer:
                field_mapping['index_analyzer'] = index_analyzer
                field_mapping['search_analyzer'] = search_analyzer
                if 'analyzer' in field_mapping:

            mapping.update({field_class.index_fieldname: field_mapping})
        return (content_field_name, mapping)

class CustomElasticSearchEngine(ElasticsearchSearchEngine):
    backend = CustomElasticBackend

# Custom fields, just use the ones you need or create yours
class CustomFieldMixin(object):

    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        self.analyzer = kwargs.pop('analyzer', None)
        self.index_analyzer = kwargs.pop('index_analyzer', None)
        self.search_analyzer = kwargs.pop('search_analyzer', None)
        super(CustomFieldMixin, self).__init__(**kwargs)

class CustomCharField(CustomFieldMixin, CharField):

class CustomCompletionField(CustomFieldMixin, CharField):
    field_type = 'completion'

class CustomEdgeNgramField(CustomFieldMixin, BaseEdgeNgramField):

class CustomNgramField(CustomFieldMixin, BaseNgramField):
    'settings': {
        "analysis": {
            "analyzer": {
                "custom_analyzer": {
                    "type": "custom",
                    "tokenizer": "standard",
                    "filter":  [ "lowercase", "asciifolding" ]
                "str_index_analyzer" : {
                    "type": "custom",
                    "tokenizer" : "haystack_ngram_tokenizer",
                    "filter" : ["stopwords", "asciifolding", "lowercase", "snowball", "elision", "worddelimiter"]
                "str_search_analyzer" : {
                    "type": "custom",
                    "tokenizer" : "standard",
                    "filter" : ["stopwords", "asciifolding", "lowercase", "snowball", "elision", "worddelimiter"]
                "suggest_analyzer": {
            "tokenizer": {
                "haystack_ngram_tokenizer": {
                    "type": "nGram",
                    "min_gram": 2,
                    "max_gram": 20,
            "filter": {
                "elision": {
                    "type": "elision",
                    "articles": ["l", "m", "t", "qu", "n", "s", "j", "d"]
                "stopwords": {
                    "type": "stop",
                    "stopwords": ["_french_", "_english_"],
                    "ignore_case": True
                "worddelimiter": {
                    "type": "word_delimiter"

#Haystack settings
    'default': {
        'ENGINE': '',