Overflow problems on the mobile device


There is a problem that drive me crazy. I'm modifying a website where all seems to be wide the 100% of the page at worst. Modifying the browser window size the situation is the same. Only on mobile devices the page is wider than the screen of some pixels. I can touch and move the page. I have already tryed all the suggestions found here, on Stack Overflow: I don't find overflowed divs, my html has the width 100%, there is not min-width divs in devices. My website is test.fypper.com What could be the problem?

I tried to add class .container to div id #home but it behaves very strangely. I am not sure you are following bootstrap guidelines properly so you should probably look into it.

Anyway, if you want a quick fix, add .container-fluid to div #home and probably remove padding: 10px; from div #content.

I have not looked at other pages, you might have divs like #another-page and #even-another-pageinstead of #home. You can add container-fluid to each of them one-by-one but to save your time on typing, use more generic wrapper in your template. For example main tag with .container-fluid class.