other requirements for the developer's payload in billing via the Android app


For some odd reasons, I am unable to get the developerPayload. I'm using the Dungeons Example. I have seen this work before, I think the payload string should appear in the Recent Activity. As far as I know, it should work if I'm using an actual product ID (like, potion_001). The whole purchasing works very well, but alas, the developerPayload is not there. I have barely made an edit with the Dungeons sample apart from renaming the package name. I did try to edit the intent actions, though:

    public static final String ACTION_CONFIRM_NOTIFICATION =
    public static final String ACTION_GET_PURCHASE_INFORMATION =
    public static final String ACTION_RESTORE_TRANSACTIONS =

It still didn't work. I have been re-reading the in-app billing docs, but I'm not sure if I'm missing something here. Is there something that I may have missed, or misconfigured in the android market options and/or the dungeons sample?

It works now. For some odd reasons, the developerPayload just came back. There was also someone in the net who had the same problems as I am, and it also happened just last weekend (http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/androidmarket/thread?tid=197b77d86cbb09ff&hl=ja). It's in japanese, though, but basically he also had problems with developerPayload being null, and then it also came back again a few days later. I also live in japan, so I guess this might have happened only in our area. I guess it really was true, that transferring payload is quite a heavy workload for google.