OpenCV - Access to variables cv2.findContours


I am using Opencv 3.0 with Python 2.7, for an Optical Character Recognition I need to find points of each contours that are found by findContours method. When I do debugging, I can see there are 208 countours found but I am curious about how can I access them.

Here is the method for capturing contours:

contours,hierarchy = cv2.findContours(thresh,cv2.RETR_LIST,cv2.CHAIN_APPROX_SIMPLE)

I need something like this:


You already have your contours point in contours output which is a python list composed of Numpy array of (x,y) coordinates. Take care that as said in the documentation you have several contours layers :

Each contour [of countours] is stored as a vector of points.

So if you print contours[0] it will display a list of points. So if you want to access precisely a point in a specific layer you have to detail an index again.