One click publishing a web application without restarting


I have installed Web Deployment service on a Windows 2008 machine, started using one click publishing in VS2010 and it works.

With one glitch, even though I change a view only file (like a *.cshtml razor file which is not compiled), web site is restarted. Therefore user sessions are lost. Maybe I am missing something so trivial, because it knows uploading only the changes.

Does anyone know whether restarting can be prevented using one click publishing or not? If not, suggestions are welcome ^_^

Any time the web.config file or any binary file is changed, the application will be restarted. Likely you are uploading the web.config file, even though it's not technically changed, IIS sees the file has been written to so it considers that a change.

I'm not really familiar with the web deployment service, so I'm not sure if it's possible to avoid uploading certain files (ie. the web.config file) or not. But one alternate solution is to move your sessions to a SQL server, which will allow them to survive application restart. (Granted, this might be overkill)