Obtaining the file name only when you use the OpenFileDialog property \ ldquo; FileName & rdquo;


I am trying to include only the filename of the file I've selected in the OpenFileDialog in the label1.Text property, but I haven't found a solution yet. I know I could use a method from the string class on the ofd instance to filter out the whole path to the file, but I would like to know if a smarter/quicker way exists?

OpenFileDialog ofd = new OpenFileDialog();
ofd.Title = "Find song";
ofd.Filter = "MP3 files|*.mp3";
ofd.InitialDirectory = @"C:\";
if (ofd.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)
   label1.Text = "" + ofd.FileName +"";

Use OpenFileDialog.SafeFileName

OpenFileDialog.SafeFileName Gets the file name and extension for the file selected in the dialog box. The file name does not include the path.