Non-renewal of purchase subscriptions for a purchase application


I have a requirement to implement monthly subscription plans to radio channels in the iPhone app. These radio channels are creating by the admin through web backend. Channels have its own unlock price. And also, the admin can add channels dynamically. So, my first question is

  1. How do I implement Non-Renewal subscription in-app purchase for this kind of products set? Do I need to manually add a product in iTunesConnect, each time the system admin add a new channel? If I do like that, I have to submit an app update also with the new in-app products?

My second question is,

  1. Can I implement this subscription plans without using iTunesConnect in-app purchases? Will Apple reject the app if I use a third party mechanism to implement subscriptions?

Other issue, I am facing is this app going to be a on Android platform also, In that case, if the user subscribe to a channel, he/she should able to use that subscription on any platform he/she uses.

Your thoughts and suggestions highly appreciated.

  1. You don't need to upload a new application on Apple Store every time. You can fetch the product dynamically using store kit api. Then you can manage your view accordingly.

  2. Yes, Apple will reject your application. For more info refer In App Purchase Policy Section

  3. For the Android, You can store the expiration date in the backend database, which you can use to check on other platform. Android do have alternative to In App purchase called In App Billing, You can use that in Android.