No valid 'aps-environment' entity string found for the 'MyApp' application: (null). Notifications will not be delivered


I've set up my application in the Provisioning Portal and enabled it for APS.

I've set up two provisioning profiles for the application, both specific to this App ID.

I'm building my application with my company's distribution certificate and the ad hoc Provisioning Profile.

I've refreshed and re-downloaded the profiles.

I'm still getting this error when I run my app on my device (looking at the device's log)

No valid 'aps-environment' entitlement string found for application 'MyApp': (null). Notifications will not be delivered.

Can anyone suggest what I might have missed or help me troubleshoot this?


This problem was due to my not configuring Rubymotion's Rakefile properly

check out this thread for more info.