No template for Windows Phone 8.1 in Visual Studio Express 2013 with Update 2 RC


I have been developing WP (Windows Phone) 8.0 apps using Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone. To start developing for WP 8.1, I downloaded VS 2013 including update 2 RC from Windows Phone Developer site which is supposed to use to develop WP 8.1 apps.

I've tried twice, but there is no option to create WP 8.1 app even after a successful installation. What I get is only this:

i.e. no option to create Windows Phone 8.1 apps. If it matters, I'm interested in WP 8.1 Visual C# template specifically.

As I've mentioned, since I develop Windows Phone 8.0 apps, therefore Visual Studio Express (2012) for Windows Phone is already installed.

I've already gone through:

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but none address the solution.

Being a windows app developer even I was baffled with the shift in Windows Phone location. You can find it in

Visual C# --> Store Apps --> Windows Phone apps.

Do sign in, in Visual Studio through Microsoft Account then go to ur notification and update ur VS and you will get this screen. Its usually caused due to some updates working only when VS can access developer's account and also I am using VS 2013 pro.

Have you installed Windows phone emulator SDK with the updated emulators?