NetSuite Online HTML Form - link to the list in NetSuite


I have an online html form that uses a select field to choose a record from an existing record list (postcodes specifically) which then auto-populates other fields on the form with the rest of the address. This all works fine except that the dropdown list on the form only goes up so far. I need to know if this a limit on the html dropdown or how many records can be passed to the list in the first place? Also, ideally, it would be great if there was a way to do it via auto-complete so as you start typing the postcode, it only shows those beginning with said characters - is this possible?

I would set up a custom html template for your online form. You can then hide your standard field and include a custom text input field. Attach an event handler to the custom field to do the lookup via a suitelet. If the auto-population is already working then your event handler can update the hidden standard field once a match is made so Netsuite's built-in sourcing works.