Need to get a query where there is at least one condition


I have a table like this:

Table: item
isBeautiful: Boolean
isGreat: Boolean
isAvaliable: Boolean

I want to make a query with Eloquent that gives me all the items that are avaliable and are either isBeautiful or isGreat, or both.

$avaliableitems = item::where("isAvaliable,1)

This is pseudocode, I know it doesn't work.

I know I can alwaysjust get item where isavaliable = 1 and then loop through each item and do:

foreach($avaliableitems as $avaliableitem){
if($avaliableitem->isBeautiful == 1 || $avaliableitem->isGreat){

//do things


But I wonder if there is a way to do it with Eloquent as mentioned before.

You can use closer.

  item::where('isAvaliable', 1)
          ->where('t_Id', 2)
          ->where(function($q) {
              $q->where('isBeautiful', 1)
                ->orWhere('isGreat', 1);