Need help with the Android project


Please help me for this Android project. I don't have much experience with Android. I have an Android project with the UI like this :

Landscape :

And portrait:

There are many buttons in the menu (I call it tabbar menu). When A menu item is selected, I have to show a screen like the images. And when user touch on a control on "View 2" maybe I have to show another screen. Now I am using only one Activity and trying to using views. I also set android:configChanges="orientation|keyboardHidden" for the activity and control orientation by myself. I believe it is not a good design because there are too much views and example when the app is killed by the OS, it is difficult for me to restore app state.

I believe you have more experience than me. So, please suggest me a few solutions about UI design, or what should I do, like using more activity, using fragment (I have never used Fragment)....

Sorry because my English is not really well ! Thanks

Sorry you all, view 1, view 2 actually are Layouts. And the bar menu which I have customized the radio button and put it in a RadioGroup. (Radio group is in scroll view). And I keep View1, View2 in a RelativeLayout. And about the UI. It is because the requirement from customer. It is like Gmail app on Galaxy tab, but it has the tab bar.

First, for best practices in "Android" UI, see But I would not recommend this site for a complete beginner. Take some time to get acquainted with basic Android development first, so that you will have the perspective to understand what the Design pages are talking about. Build and run some of the sample apps, and read some of the lessons at

Now that I've covered the basics: Are you really sure you want to implement the UI that you have illustrated above, even if it goes against Android UI recommendations? If so, you are signing up for extra work.

Android already provides an ActionBar at the top of the display. If you really want your menu on the side or bottom, then you will have to reinvent what it does yourself. If that's still your plan, then I recommend using a LinearLayout.

For your broader layout, I agree with prolink007: Your Menu1, View1, and View2 should probably be implemented in 3 Fragments. You can use LinearLayout again as a container to hold your Fragments.