Need a good open source 3D engine to build a Golf Simulation Game


I'm looking for a open-source 3D graphics and physics engine specialized in golf simulation? The preferred engine would be have short learning curve, supports Windows platform and Java or C++ and Lua/Python support for scripting, also prefer something like outdoor golf plane scene with weather system support, I'm new to this area and would love to hear all of your advice.

I've never heard of any game engine that is specialised towards golf simulation.

But any generic 3D game engine with a good terrain engine would probably work well. You'd be able to get your various outdoor weather effects with creative use of fog, skyboxes, particle systems, custom shaders etc.

I'd personally recommend jMonkeyEngine - It's a pretty mature and fully-featured OpenGL based game engine written in Java, and has great terrain support. It would certainly contain everything you need to make an excellent golf game.