My SQL Using temporary tables with PHP without mysql_pconnect


I want to use temporary tables in my PHP code. It is a form that will be mailed. I do use session variables and arrays but some data filled in must be stored in a table format and the user must be able to delete entries in case of typos etc. doing this with arrays could work (not sure) but I'm kinda new at the php and using tables seems so much simpler. My problem is that using mysql_connect creates the table and adds the line of data but when i add my 2nd line it drops table and create it again... Using mysql_pconnect works by not dropping the table but creates more than on instance of the table at times and deleting entry's? what a mess! How can I best use temporary tables and not have them droped when my page refreshes? not using temporary tables may cause other issues if the user closes the page and leaving the table in the database.

Sounds like a mess! I am not sure why you are using a temp table at all, but you could create a random table name and assign it to a session variable. But this is hugely wrong as you would have a table for each user!

If you must use a database, add field to the table called sessionID. When you do your inserting/deleting reference the php sessionid.

Just storing the data in the session would probably be much easier though...