Multi-column ComboBox controls for Winforms


Please recommend some Multi-Column ComboBox control for Winforms application in .net. Better if they are free.

I found Syncfusion - Multi-column-combo-box it can show datagrid which is bound to datasource but it is not free.

EDIT: There is an awesome control used in inFlow Inventroy, please also tell if you know something like this

Controls from other answers and those which I found myself
DevExpress - GridLookUpEdit

DevExpress - LookUpEdit

Infragistics - WinCombo

Syncfusion - Multi-column-combo-box

CodeProject - Auto Complete Multi Column ComboBox

CodeProject - Customizable ComboBox Drop-Down this one is good

CodeProject - Multi Column ComboBox

CodeProject - Flat-MultiColumn Combobox with Autocomplete

CodeProject - Multicolumn Combobox with Additional Format Conditions

CodeProject - Searchable MultiColumn ComboBox with Linked TextBox

Binary Mission - Advanced ComboBox .NET