MSIEmbeddedChainer & amp; MSIEmbeddedUI


i am finding some example source codes for the MSIEmbeddedChainer & MSIEmbeddedUI. wix v3.0 has <EmbeddedChainer> command, but there's no info of how to use (or probably incomplete implementation). i want to chain my msis. however, there are very little details to this topic. msi 4.5 has very nice features with MSIEmbeddedChainer & MSIEmbeddedUI. unfortunately, wix v3.0 doesn't seem to support at the moment. i see the wix announced that wix burn project started along with wix v3.6. but i think there are long way to go for this implementation.

there are some developers wrote their own codes for this MSI chains with wpf and c#/c++. i just want to have a sneak, so i have an idea how to code them too. again unfortunately, i don't see any...

can anyone help please?

Burn.exe in Wix 3.6 onwards provides this feature by using Chain element and MsiPackage. Have a look at this.