Monitor the network activity of the specific program


I have a program that I'm trying to reverse engineer.

It gets a specific key by using HTTP GET on some URLs. I need to figure out the details on how this works.

The good news is that there's the option to preform these requests over an HTTP proxy.

Would anybody know of a program to monitor a specific application's network traffic?

I've tried Wireshark, but its no giving me enough information (Headers, URL path). After Wireshark, I tried FreeProxy. The problem with FreeProxy is that it only gives headers for around 1/3 of the requests and it doesn't give the full path either.

Could anyone suggest a better alternative for monitoring the internet activity of my application?

I thought Wireshark was able to capture the full packet with all its content? If so, how can it not give you enough information? Maybe you need to revise your traffic capture config?

It's been a while since I used Wireshark, but if you have trouble capturing full packets, what you can do is use tcpdump to capture and write to file, then view the capture file using Wireshark. tcpdump's -s option will allow you to set the packet size so as to capture full packets.