Memory Leak from Foundation & amp; CFNetwork Library


I am using instruments to resolve memory leak issues for an app in iPhone. I just wanted to know if I have to resolve the leaks coming from Foundation and CFNetwork Libraries. Specifically, the leaks are from:
1. NSCFString
2. NSConcreteData
3. General Block-3584
Since they do not directly point to the code that I have written, how should I resolve them, if I have to?


It's almost certain that the memory leaks come from your code--there are almost no memory leaks in the Foundation libraries, providing you're testing on the device (there are memory leaks in the simulator, so you should always test on the device). It's not always immediately obvious where the leak comes from, and it's difficult to tell from your question, but I would guess it either comes from leaking an NSString (NSStrings are implemented with NSCFString under the hood) or a network-related class like NSURLConnection.